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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Taryn Papa is an American country music artist living in Nashville, TN. Her songwriting skills take centerstage on AWAKE, Taryn’s first release following her successful run on Season 19 of NBC’s “The Voice”. ‘Fernella Blooms’ is her debut children’s book.

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About the story

Fernella Blooms is a charming children's illustrated picture book written in lyrical rhyme. It tells the story of Fernella, a fern in a vibrant garden, who initially feels insecure among the colorful blooms. Faced with the threat of being uprooted by the gardener, she learns to embrace her unique beauty with the encouragement of Ladybug June. In the end, Fernella discovers her own special charm and blossoms in her own way, celebrating her uniqueness.

In a garden of flowers so bright and grand,
A fern named Fernella grew in the land.
Surrounded by blossoms, she longed to be,
As vibrant and bold as each bloom she could see.

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